Rob Fowler: August 21st Eclipse

August 15, 2017: Rob Fowler, chief meteorologist for News 2, came to our Rotary Club to talk about the upcoming total solar eclipse coming up on August 21 at 2:46pm. This is a rare event, made even more rare because the United States will be the only country to see “totality”. The shadow will dissipate into the ocean shortly after leaving South Carolina’s coast. The next total eclipse will be April 8, 2024 but will travel from South to North across the US, whereas this year’s eclipse travels from North to South and covers many more states. Following the 2024 eclipse the next time a solar eclipse will occur will be in 2052 and 2078. Continue reading “Rob Fowler: August 21st Eclipse”

Josh Hatter: Charleston Defense Contractors Association

August 8, 2017:  At a time when global tensions are high and we hear of the dangers which can rain down from above, how timely to hear as we did this week of Charleston’s role in defending the nation from this menace from Josh Hatter, the President of the Charleston Defense Contractors Association (CDCA). Hatter’s day job is Senior Business Development Manager for General Dynamics Information Technologies in Charleston where his focus is SPAWAR – the technology arm for the United States Navy and a vital component of our nation’s defense, but his message this week was of the important work of the CDCA in support of our local defense industry connections. Continue reading “Josh Hatter: Charleston Defense Contractors Association”

Senator Sandy Senn: Issues in the Lowcountry

August 1, 2017:  Whether you agree or disagree with State Senator Sandy Senn, there was little question of her passion for supporting Charleston and her constituents as well as her refreshing straightforwardness.  Sen. Senn was an energetic and articulate guest speaker at the August 1, Rotary meeting who wasted no time in directly addressing the issues most pressing—and in some cases, most controversial—to Lowcountry residents. Continue reading “Senator Sandy Senn: Issues in the Lowcountry”

SC Ports Authority – Wando Terminal

July 25, 2017: On July 25th, our club was treated to a tour of the SC Ports Authority Wando Terminal. Bill Crowther, Director of Container Operations, welcomed Rotarians and briefly discussed the Port before members took a tour of the Port by bus.

Mr. Crowther has been with the Port for over 22 years. His main responsibility is to coordinate and handle all aspects of logistics for the Charleston Port and its inland facilities. The Charleston Port is the most efficient port on the east coast and has seen significant improvements over the last several years. Between 2011 and 2016 the Port saw an increase of 45% in the volume it handled. With the addition of the inland port in Greer the total 2017 volume has been on a record pace and expects to surpass the 2016 record of over 100,000 lifts (of containers). Continue reading “SC Ports Authority – Wando Terminal”

Michelle Van Jura: Public Relations Tips

July 18, 2017 – Michelle Van Jura joined us this past Tuesday to provide tips on public relations.

Michelle, founder and owner of Intersect Communications, has over 20 years of experience ranging from business-to-business hardware, software, media and Internet clients to consumer-focused products. She has handled a full-range of corporate communications efforts, crisis management, media relations and analyst relations. She founded Intersect Communications in 2008, where she has worked with start-ups and industry giants alike, past and current clients, include IBM, Beamly, USA Network, NBCUniversal, Kodak, Cisco, Media Storm, DataStax and more. Prior to founding Intersect Communications, Michelle was a vice president within Ketchum’s prestigious brand practice team and worked as a consultant for the company’s growing technology practice. Previously, she was the General Manager of West Coast operations at Fusion Public Relations, Account Director at Bohle Company and Director of Corporate Communications at Inteliant. She splits her time between New York City and Charleston, SC. Continue reading “Michelle Van Jura: Public Relations Tips”