Mayor John Tecklenburg: Affordable Housing

October 3, 2017 – This week our club was graced with the return of one of its own – Mayor John Tecklenburg.  We know Mayor Tecklenburg as the chief executive of our fair city, but he is also a Rotarian with many years of service as a member of our club.  Having been involved with commercial real estate and development for many years, it is not surprising that Mayor Tecklenburg would bring to our club a message about the efforts of his administration and our city council to meet the very pressing need of having affordable housing available for all our city’s inhabitants. Continue reading “Mayor John Tecklenburg: Affordable Housing”

Pastor Brandon Bowers: Charleston City Service Project

September 29, 2017: As Charleston Rotarians well know, Mayor and former Rotarian President John Tecklenberg is never short on coming up with or adopting new ideas that can improve our beautiful city!   When Mayor Tecklenberg introduced our speaker at Tuesday’s meeting, we learned that one of his newest endeavors is “borrowed” –a program started by the Mayor of Boston.    Continue reading “Pastor Brandon Bowers: Charleston City Service Project”

Quanuquanei Karmue: Save More Kids

September 19, 2017:  This week’s Rotary speaker was Quanuquanei A. Karmue , better known as “Q”. Q is the driving force behind Save More Kids, an organization he formed from the inspiration of his mother and a prayer she made while facing near execution while fleeing civil war-torn Liberia with her five children. Her prayer was that if she lived she would devote her life to saving her country. As his mother’s executioner’s were preparing to end her life they paused as they saw Q and his siblings and allowed his mother to live. After fleeing to the US to rejoin with Q’s father the family returned to Liberia years later and adopted 44 children, raising and educating them. Continue reading “Quanuquanei Karmue: Save More Kids”

Lance Corporal Matt Southern: SC Highway Patrol

August 29, 2017 – As advertised in last week’s Keyway, Lance Corporal Matt Southern delivered an all-too-relevant presentation about highway dangers as we prepared for the Labor Day weekend.  At the time of his presentation Southern noted that South Carolina had experienced 633 deaths in 2017.  In 2016 deaths on the state’s roads and highways totaled 1,020 many of which could have been prevented, which is why the highway department has launched its Target Zero safety initiative.  The five primary causes of vehicle accidents are speeding, failure to yield right of way, leaving the roadway, distracted driving and driving under the influence. Continue reading “Lance Corporal Matt Southern: SC Highway Patrol”

District Governor Gary Bradham: District 7770

August 22, 2017: District Governor Gary Bradham joined us for our August 22 meeting. Governor Bradham emphasized that the theme for the year, “Rotary Making a Difference”, gives clubs a clean canvas on which to paint how each club makes a difference in their communities. Change will be determined by club leaders and members, not from the top down. He continued that clubs should not only determine what Rotary is but who Rotary is when taking actions to benefit others. It cannot all be the same as it reflects the communities each club is in but the common thread is people of action doing good in the world through service above self. Continue reading “District Governor Gary Bradham: District 7770”