Jacob Lindsey: City of Charleston Department of Planning

July 11, 2017 – As we looked out from our new meeting location, Joe Riley Park or “The Joe,” at the nearby construction how appropriate it was to receive this week’s message from Jacob Lindsey, Director of the City of Charleston Department of Planning, Preservation and Sustainability.  Lindsey received his degree in Urban Planning from the University of Georgia and was appointed by then Mayor Joe Riley to head the City’s planning department in 2015.  He came to our club this week to inform us of the efforts his department is taking to improve the function of the Board of Architectural Review or BAR. Continue reading “Jacob Lindsey: City of Charleston Department of Planning”

Club Presidential/Board Transition

June 27, 2017 – Our meeting on Tuesday saw the transition of Club Presidents as outgoing President Alissa Collins Lietzow became Immediate Past President and Assistant District Governor and Past President Andy Brack swore in David Burt as President for 2017/2018.

Highlights from the past year included the International Rotary Convention in Seoul, South Korea, a total of 21 new members joining the club, the Holiday Parade of Boats Fundraiser, as well as a wonderful roster of programs this year for which she thanked Jermaine Husser.

Incoming President David Burt highlighted his experience at the Rotary International Convention in Atlanta this year, specifically Rotary’s them of Rotary Making a Difference. He spoke about Rotary’s efforts to eradicate Polio and the next mission of eradicating slavery (Thorn) and Mediators Beyond Borders who volunteer to help mediate conflicts world wide. We look forward to another great Rotary year!

— Don Baus, Keyway Committee



Beth DeSantis: Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

June 20, 2017:  The really good news for South Carolina is that the teenage  birthrate has decreased 64% since 1991, when it was at its highest point ever. The better news for Charleston County is that the teen birth rate has decreased 78% in that same period.  The bad news, however, is that South Carolina has the 16th highest teenage birthrate in the US and that Charleston County is only 45th of the state’s county rankings.  Continue reading “Beth DeSantis: Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy”

Amy Barch: Turning Leaf

June 13, 2017 – Our message this week came from Amy Barch, the executive director of Turning Leaf, a program with a mission to reduce crime and its costs by reducing recidivism.  Turning Leaf is small – there are only three employees – but its work has the potential to validate programs which could save our community, our state and our nation thousands of dollars.  Barch noted that in the 1980s there were around 500,000 prisoners incarcerated in our nations prisons and jails.  Today that number is 2.3 million.  It costs around $30,000.00 a year to incarcerate a prisoner in a federal penitentiary.  Each year 600 inmates are released and return to the Charleston community.  Currently 75% of those inmates who are released from prisons and jails nationally return to those institutions within five years of release.  Continue reading “Amy Barch: Turning Leaf”