Larry Dandridge: “Blades of Thunder”

June 14, 2016 -LTC (Ret) Larry Dandridge joined us to speak about Volunteering at the Ralph A Johnson VA hospital, the Fisher House, the helicopter war in Vietnam and his new book “Blades of Thunder”. Larry is the CEO and editor of Tigers, Vikings & Vipers Publishing LLC.

The Ralph A Johnson Medical Center is in the top 10 of VA medical centers and LTC Dandridge asked for more support for the medical center either in volunteering or in donations. Often patients come in for routine exams but get admitted unexpectedly without clothing or toiletries. The government, while providing many things for veterans, does not provide everything they need.   Read more

Jim Geffert: How to Remember Names

June 7, 2016:  Our speaker was our Rotary colleague, Jim Geffert.  Jim has been associated with the Dale Carnegie program for 42 years. In 1997, he purchased the franchise for the states of South Carolina and Georgia.  He has been listed as one of the top 35 Dale Carnegie instructors in the USA.

His presentation, which involved many members of our club, was “How to Remember Names”. He asked:  “Why do we forget names?” Responses included “don’t care enough to remember”, “there are so many people to remember”, “I could not hear the name due to other background noise in the room”.  To start, one should focus on the individual, then imprint a first impression by associating the person with a picture because we all think in terms of pictures.  Try to find something which rhymes with their name, focus on their appearance [but not clothing because it changes each time you see them], and then associate the person’s name with a similar name with which you are familiar.  Read more

Holly Carpenter: Army Corps of Engineers

May 31, 2016: Holly Carpenter, who is the Project Manager with the USACE, came to speak to our Rotary Club about their current project to study and provide the design for the Charleston harbor shipping channel deepening project.

Currently, the channel is at a depth of 45ft.  As larger ships come to the Charleston Port, the channel will need to be deeper to accommodate them.  The USACE is responsible for the harbor deepening and other responsibilities in the state.  USACE is divided into districts.  Civil Works covers various watersheds in state and is an agency under the Army. Civilians are employed but overseen by the Army mainly because of navigational issues.  They have a local field office with regional HQ in Atlanta.  Civil Works is responsible for: navigation, hurricane preparedness, regulatory programs, etc. In SC their projects include the maintenance of Intracoastal Waterway. Read more

Rob Dewey: Coastal Crisis Chaplaincy

May 17, 2016 – Our speaker today was our own,  Rev. Rob Dewey, Senior Chaplain of the Coastal Crisis Chaplaincy, which serves the Charleston area in times of need.  Rob, who is an active member of our Charleston Rotary Club, started his career as a police officer, during which time he also served as a volunteer chaplain.  He saw the need for crisis intervention for first responders and was  ordained as a priest in the Episcopal Church in 1983.

In 1990, he started the Coastal Crisis Chaplaincy, a ministry that supports emergency responders and their families as well as the general public in times of crisis. He is the co-author of the Pastoral Crisis Intervention course for the International Crisis Incident Stress Foundation. Read more

Recognizing Rotary Service Above Self Scholars and CCSD Teacher of Year and Honor Roll Teachers

May 17, 2016:  Tuesday’s program is one we all look forward to as we recognize and celebrate our Rotary Service Above Self Scholars and the outstanding teachers in the Charleston County School District.

Our club recognized four exceptional students this year and were amazed by their many and varied volunteer accomplishments and service aspirations. Read more