Anton Gunn: Community Health Innovation

February 14, 2017 – Our speaker this week was Anton Gunn, the Chief Diversity Officer at the Medical University of South Carolina, and his message was about what he has learned are the basic principles of leadership. The oldest son of a Navy Chief Petty Officer, Gunn learned leadership early at home. His lessons continued as he became a star offensive lineman for the USC Gamecocks. Gunn went on to become a South Carolina state legislator before becoming a leading officer of the United States Department of Health and Human Services. Continue reading “Anton Gunn: Community Health Innovation”

John Magill: SC Department of Mental Health

February 7, 2017: John Magill, State Director of the SC Department of Mental Health (DMH) joined us for our February 7 Meeting. The DMH provides care via an outpatient, community-based system comprising 17 community mental health centers (each with clinics and satellite offices), four psychiatric hospitals, three veterans’ nursing homes, and one community nursing home.         Continue reading “John Magill: SC Department of Mental Health”

Stephanie Mangini & David McNair: Volvo

January 31, 2017 – Stephanie Mangini gave an overview of Volvo’s brand philosophy and their commitment to the belief that their cars are ” Designed around you”. She stated they have had a human centric design philosophy since 1927. As part of this, they continue to have a strong commitment to safety. Volvo designed the first seatbelt and will continue to stress safety as technology is infused in automobiles including features like autonomous driving cars. Self-driving cars are currently being tested by Volvo with real people. As part of Volvo’s belief that safety in cars is to be shared by all Volvo will share information they learn about self-driving cars with other manufacturers. Continue reading “Stephanie Mangini & David McNair: Volvo”

Dr. Peter Von Wartenberg: Bosch

January 24, 2017 – Our keynote speaker this week was Dr. Peter von Wartenberg (“Wartenberg”). Wartenberg has been with the Bosch Group for twenty (20) years, where he began as a logistics specialist at the Bamber Plant in Germany. Since 2014, Wartenberg has been the Chief Financial Officer for Diesel Systems North America and Plant Manager for the Bosch at the Commercial Plant located in Charleston.

Wartenberg discussed and explained (i) The Bosch Group, (ii) his Story of Digital Transformation, (iii) Digital Transformation at Bosch, and (iv) Digital Transformation live at Bosch Charleston. Continue reading “Dr. Peter Von Wartenberg: Bosch”

District Governor Sandee Brooks: Rotary District 7770

January 17, 2017 – A report on the activities of our Rotary District was delivered to us this week by District Governor Sandee Brooks. DG Brooks retired to Hilton Head in 1999 after a career with Ameritech in the Midwest. Her family truly spans the globe since her daughter lives in Michigan and she has two stepdaughters, one who lives in Alaska and one who lives in New Zealand. Her boss at Ameritech was a Rotarian, but never asked her to attend a meeting. It was not until she became involved with a golf tournament in Hilton Head that she joined Rotary and her road to the district governorship has traversed much service to her community, our nation and the world. When Hurricane Katrina hit the gulf coast, she and five other Hilton Head Rotarians traveled to Louisiana. Continue reading “District Governor Sandee Brooks: Rotary District 7770”